LX Air Blower

Air Blower
แอร์โบลเวอร์ สำหรับอ่างสปา
ใช้กับหัวบับเบิ้ล สำหรับพ่นลมที่พื้นอ่างสปา
รุ่น AP300 สำหรับหัวบับเบิ้ล (หัวพ่นลม) 8-16 หัว
รุ่น AP700 สำหรับหัวบับเบิ้ล (หัวพ่นลม) 16-32 หัว
มี Pnematic Switch (สวิตว์ลมสีขาวที่ปั๊มลม) ทำให้สามารถใช้คู่กับ Air Botton สำหรับควบคุมการทำงาน (ปิด-เปิด) ปั๊มลมได้ง่าย
Product Description LX Air blower, SPA Hot Tub Air Blower (LX SPA Blowers, Top Quality SPA Hot Tub Air Blower In China) LX Air Blower (AP700-V2/AP900-V2/AP400-V2/AP300-V2/AP200-V2)

LX Air Blower, SPA Hot Tub Air Blower: AP series SPA Hot Tub Air Blower are first recommended products with low noise, long life, easy installation and competitive price. They are company's most mature products and have been accepted by users. The casing is high reinforce and high temperature resistant engineering plastic. There are two types of structure: Single impeller structure and double impeller structure. The lives of double impeller air blowers are longer than the single impeller ones. The differences of air pressure and air flow between single impeller ones and double impeller ones are inconspicuous. Compare the data of noise, although the dB(A) value of double impeller air blower is only 2 or 3 points lower than single impeller air blower, the high-frequency noise of double impeller air blower is much lower than single impeller air blower in peoples' hearing. The wind of double impeller air blower is soft and comfortable. They are the first choice products for hydro massage bathtub and SPA large pool which making bubble. Motor: Low-noise air blowers' dedicated excitation motor which with dedicated thermal protection (VDE or UL approval) that can protect the motor. Insulation class F and with thermal protection from T. I. The carbon brush of the motor is import material. The life is greater than or equal to 1000 hours (continuous duty). There is fuse inside the motor, pneumatic switch control for easy operation.

1.3C China mandatory safety certification
2. CE European Union mandatory safety certification
3. TUV German safety certification.
4. RoHS certification which restrict using certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.